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 Title: Widespread Fundamental Pay: The Vision of a man-made intelligence 'Guardian'

Presentation (approx. 100 words):
The idea of general fundamental pay (UBI) has acquired expanding consideration lately as a possible answer for address the difficulties presented via robotization and innovative progression. One of the advocates of UBI is Andrew Yang, a business person and previous official up-and-comer in the US. Notwithstanding, another conspicuous figure pushing for UBI is, in all honesty, the "back up parent" of computerized reasoning (artificial intelligence), Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. In this article, we investigate Dr. Lee's point of view on UBI, examine the reasoning behind his contention, and talk about the expected ramifications of carrying out UBI in the time of computer based intelligence.

I. Dr. Kai-Fu Lee's Vision for All inclusive Essential Pay (approx. 250 words):
Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, a famous simulated intelligence master and financial speculator, has been vocal about the requirement for UBI even with robotization driven work uprooting. As indicated by Dr. Lee, man-made intelligence and computerization will prompt critical employment misfortunes across different ventures, leaving a significant piece of the populace jobless or underemployed. He contends that UBI can assist with tending to the social and monetary repercussions of this innovative transformation.

Dr. Lee imagines a future where UBI fills in as a security net, giving each resident a reliable pay to cover their essential necessities. This pay would permit people to seek after imaginative undertakings, take part in deep rooted learning, and add to society in manners that go past conventional work. He accepts that UBI can cultivate development, business venture, and social union, at last prompting a more evenhanded and prosperous society.

II. The Reasoning behind UBI in the Time of computer based intelligence (approx. 250 words):
The ascent of computer based intelligence and mechanization has ignited worries about work relocation and pay disparity. Many contend that these progressions will prompt a huge decrease in the quantity of accessible positions, especially in everyday practice and monotonous errands. UBI is viewed as a possible answer for moderate the unfortunate results of this disturbance.

Defenders of UBI contend that it can give a monetary pad to people impacted by mechanical uprooting, empowering them to meet their essential necessities while investigating new vocation ways or taking part in retraining programs. UBI can likewise advance financial security and decrease neediness, as it ensures a base way of life for all residents.

Also, UBI perceives the changing idea of work in the simulated intelligence period. As computerization assumes control over routine undertakings, there is a rising accentuation on human imagination, versatility, and advancement. UBI can liberate people from the imperatives of conventional business, permitting them to seek after enterprising endeavors, participate in imaginative pursuits, or add to their networks through charitable effort.

III. Suggestions and Contemplations for UBI Execution (approx. 250 words):
While the idea of UBI holds guarantee, its execution raises a few contemplations. One of the essential worries is the monetary practicality of turning out a widespread revenue to all residents. Financing UBI requires an extensive evaluation of income sources, including potential duty changes, abundance rearrangement, or even the redistribution of assets from existing social government assistance programs.

Another thought is the possible effect of UBI on work impetuses. Pundits contend that an unrestricted pay might deter people from looking for work or seeking after profession improvement. Nonetheless, advocates accept that UBI can really cultivate development and business venture, as people are furnished with the opportunity to face challenges and seek after their interests.

Furthermore, the cultural effect of UBI ought to be painstakingly assessed. UBI can possibly address pay imbalance and give monetary soundness, yet execution ought to be joined by strategies address fundamental issues and advance social versatility. Training and abilities improvement projects ought to be upgraded to guarantee people have the vital apparatuses to adjust to the changing position scene.

End (approx. 100 words):
Dr. Kai-Fu Lee's backing for widespread essential pay features the squeezing need to address the difficulties presented via computerization and man-made intelligence driven work uprooting. UBI can possibly give monetary security, cultivate development, and make a more fair society. Notwithstanding, its execution requires cautious thought of monetary possibility, work motivators, and more extensive cultural ramifications. As we explore the period of computer based intelligence, investigating creative arrangements like UBI can assist us with adjusting to the changing idea of work and guarantee a more comprehensive future.

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